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posted : Wednesday, June 29, 2011
title : Attempt #2

Tried to post on tumblr but it hates me today! or trying to tell me that I should be doing work.
Anyhoo, this is what I wanted to post! :)

So much work for me to do I can't believe I'm on tumblr now.
Oh wait I totally can. Imma lazy bitch.

For today's Law exam, of which I have no idea of what's going on, took me a TOTAL, guess what, HOUR to study for.
Yep. I'm screwed.

I don't know why I've suddenly become so lazy.
There's so much work and yet suddenly it's like procrastination's my religion.

Okay. Back to my crapload of schoolwork. I'd love to whine but I'd like to sleep more.

And the only way I'm gonna get some (yep dirty innuendo) is if actually complete 10% of my pile of shit.

So yeah, story of my life.

posted : Monday, June 27, 2011
title : End of term break

Sigh. School just started again.
And despite the fact that I had 3 weeks of break, it was technically only 1 week.
Cos I was sick the whole of the first week, and the last week.
A girl just can't catch a break.

posted : Sunday, May 15, 2011
title : Design

I wish I was in a design course.
Mass Comm is fun, but the only time I enjoy doing homework... is when i'm asked to design.
Sem 1,
Design Basics - totally enjoyed it till the last minute CAs ._. Talk about unpreparedness!
Media Writing - There was an assignment to design a poster - I got an A.
Now, Web Design. The .gif is one of my first homeworks. I totally enjoy doing this.
But, it looks like designing has to be relegated to being a hobby cos.... I don't have time for it :(

posted : Saturday, March 26, 2011
title : Once Upon a Milk Shake/ Film Fiesta 2011
Once upon a milk shake

Helped out at film fiesta today, at cineleisure.
Had a great time! :)
Had milkshake w limyen, wow its awesome.
okay idk why im suddenly rlly lazy to blog,
till next time loves!

posted : Tuesday, March 22, 2011
title : Review: I am Number 4
I am Number 4!

So I went to catch I am Number 4 with Yulin & mangling yesterday at Cathay Cineleisure.
We wanted to catch the earlier timeslot, but in favor of better seats, we caught the later timeslot.
I didn't pay for my ticket as I used my movie pass! :D

Anyway, to me, the movie was awesome.
4/5 **** actually.
The special effects are awesome.
New resolution; I'm gonna watch Michael Bay shows from now on.
And I'm reaffirmed in my decision for my course. hehe.

After movie we went for Mahjong at Yulin's house,
and I lost. :( $30! Sigh.
Hello diet.
Anyway it's a good thing I guess. I can finally lose weight! (i think)
I'll just probably scrounge the house for food.

Probably gonna lock my blog too, lazy to vet.
Changing url so if people wanna read it, ask me :)
Then I can send you an invite :)


posted : Sunday, March 20, 2011
title : Review: Dinner @ IKEA Tampines
So I finally had dinner at IKEA. haha.
With Ain and Vincent!
So, dinner was (Y) hehe I like the chicken wings :D
But getting a seat was nerve wrecking man.
After about 15 minutes of searching, we finally got one.
Then, it was: Mission Buy Food Fast.
So Ain headed to the halal lane and got our chicken wings and meatballs,
and me and Vincent went to get our pasta.
In the end, we all ate halal, like totally, cos our main course's vegetarian!
I wanna try the meatballs w pork though, idk if it'll be nicer.
but it was (y) the first time round alr hehe.
Then we went to Giant, cos Ain work(ed) there.
Like never work at all lor LOL
Got breezer, then something really lol happened.
But I'm lazy to type it all out.
Going to Ain's on wed to bake, ahhh, therapeutic baking.
hope it works.


posted : Sunday, March 13, 2011
title : #prayforjapan
Japan is suffering one of the worst calamities in the history of our universe.
One earthquake, at a measure of 8.9/9.0 on the Ritcher scale, struck Japan on the 11/3/2011.
Another aftershock :
M 6.2 2011/03/13 02:23 Depth 24.9 km OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
11:23:37 AM at epicenter
Powerful aftershock in the same area as the destructive
152 km (94 miles) ESE of Iwaki, Honshu, Japan and 167 km (103 miles) E of Mito, Honshu, Japan

I wanna donate my time to helping the victims in Japan.
But how? I have to fly there to do so.
Maybe in a week's time, they'll need volunteers?
I hope so.

Earthquakes, calamities, makes us wonder.
And let us know, the tenacity of life.
it's frailty. no one's gonna live forever.

Take time, to stop and smell the roses.
Appreciate your friends and families.

What I put on facebook:
We should all take time to stop and smell the roses,
Appreciate those around us,
for the calamity in Japan has shown us that life is unknown. We never know what's gonna happen next.

Sending my best for those who lost their loved ones in this awful calamity.


posted :
title : It's here!
My Kate Spade bag is here! *does a happy jig around the room*
My only goal now is to save money for a new camera.
Yes, I will achieve it! :D

Feel kinda sad that I wasn't allowed to have dinner w them just now.
Sigh. It's just dinner, what's so bad about it?
Nevermind la. Being angry helps no one.
So I shall MOVE ON.
Anyway it's just dinner, no big deal lol.


posted :
title : It

posted : Sunday, March 6, 2011
title : Oh ya
Oh ya, I didn't know sotong and calamari are the same thing -.-

posted :
title : Bloke as a Bloke!
I . Am. Broke.
Like a F9. Sigh.
And I went to gamble somemore. sigh.
I need to stay at home/work this april. People I'm not going out in march.
I needa save monayeeee
okay mong wants her super ex lappy back,

posted : Monday, February 28, 2011
title : Shite.
Just changed my blogskin,
shite i do need to study, bye loveys

posted :
title : Envy
Was reading Huda, one of my juniors in secondary school's tumblr.
She moved to Perth to study overseas, something I wish that I could have but i dont think i ever can cos my family can't afford it.
Her tumblr's so sad. she misses her boyfriend. a lot.
I wish I had someone to miss.
I feel sad for her.
And it got me thinking.
What if, my dream really happened?
Wouldn't I miss my family and friends too?
I would.
I don't know how Aishah does it.
In fact, just thinking about leaving everyone I love behind, brings tears to my eyes.
But, going overseas to study has been a dream of mine since I was a lil girl.
I can't imagine giving that up now.
Giving up that dream, means that I've nothing to look forward to..
I don't know.
I'm really confused.
I need to go back to studying IPRA.
I shall.

posted : Saturday, February 26, 2011
title : Contemplation
Now at nEbO, trying Coffee Bean for the first time ever haha!
The Ultimate. I actually called Zann to ask her for a recommendation, as she's the Coffee Bean fanatic in our clique. Hehe I'm the Starbucks fanatic :)
It's actually quite good, surprisingly.
Now, I'm trying to cram IPRA.
If I can.
I'm just giving myself an ultimatium.
No 5 ppts, no go home.
I can do it.
So I'm leaving now.


(I'll be back after March! HEHE 1MARCH 11:11 HERE I COME :D)

posted :
title : emotional
Felt really emotional otw home, I don't really know why.
Felt a little suicidal. Why, god knows.
I don't feel loved. I really don't.
I don't feel that you guys treat me, really, as a friend.
I'm always the one that contacts you guys, you're happy to go on without me.
I feel excluded.
I never know when you guys are going out, I feel that I'm asked out as an afterthought.
Maybe, you guys don't know that I feel this way. Maybe my mask is too perfect.
But, I just wanna type this out.
I feel excluded. It hurts.
Am I wrong, to do this? Maybe after this post is typed out, I'll get a different treatment.
Good or bad, I'll won't know yet.
But I know that I've been taking it silently, far too long.
Maybe an odd number isn't a good idea.
Maybe I should just extricate myself from this friendship before I tumble down even further.

I'm not insulting you, and I hope I don't offend.
I'm just saying I feel excluded.
It'll be nice to receive a text that's an invite.
It'll be nice to feel included.
I didn't wanna post this on tumblr, far too many people read my tumblr than my blogger.
But I didn't wanna turn on my laptop just to vent. Zzz.
This post will be gone by the next time I turn on my laptop, I promise.

Maybe I'm too meek in my friendships, always going the extra mile to help.
Maybe I should flare up.
But I'm afraid that if I do, I'll be shunned.

Too much CM. I feel like I'm hungry for attention.
I am.

posted : Thursday, February 17, 2011
title : Kate Spade!!!
I've been so obsessed with this brand... Maybe cos the color scheme is cute and quirky colors, which I simply adore!
Anyway, my laptop case is arriving soon!
Like, really soon... I hope. Hehe.
chubchen's cousin is getting the casing for me from Arizona... apparently he's there now.
Hehhee, I can't wait for it to arrive! One more month. Haha!

hello pretty! :)
I'm also getting a bag. Omg. It's time to work.
I'm getting the puffer evonne in forest green.
There was black, and I deliberated about getting black, but I didn't want black in the end.
too dull. Hehe.
hello pretty (2)

Okay, it's time to study.

posted :
title : Last Day of CNY, 2011
It's the last day of CNY for the year of the RABBIT!
I'm studying (supposedly) at Starbucks with chubchen now! Hehe.
She's reading her 小说 now! Omg I get a headache when I see so many characters! And she enjoys it! Omg. HAHA.
Anyway, it's going to be the end of Year 1! (after the exams, of course)
I have IPRA and Econs to get over with. I will do it.
I CAN and I MUST do it.
Just till 1 Mar.
and, there may be a Genting trip in my future. Hehe!!
Okay, it's back to dreaded IPRA. Even though Econs is nearer, I have Bran to help me!
IPRA = No one.

posted : Saturday, February 5, 2011
title : CNY II
Hehe it's CNY day 3 and I'm blogging! :)
The past 2 days have been the same as usual, with one exception - PROJECTS.
Let's see.
Monday - IDEAs. Tuesday - IVP. Wednesday - IPRA. Thursday - French. Friday - News Writing.

I need to find someone who listens to SPACEradio in SP and NOT from CASS asap.
Like, asap. It's due friday! Darnit.
Hate Poly. The whole New Year Celebration, I've been thinking (subconsciously) about projects.
Can't do things wholeheartedly. Always that niggling feeling in the back of my mind. pfft.
Even tmrw, I've to be at Plaza Sing at 3pm for Pecha Kucha rehearsal. WTF.
Jiahui's house celebration KAYOKED, :(
And I missed Mark's Birthday this year! -.-
So many years without fail, then I missed this year's.

Okay, off to have the (x) number of steamboat again, at Tuanhung's!

posted : Thursday, February 3, 2011
title : CNY
Happy CNY people! :D

posted : Monday, January 17, 2011
title : Lucky :)
I just ended work at BINGBANGBONG
I just remembered that I'm not supposed to have anything written about them online pfft.
So I'll have a codename. Haha.
Anyway, I wanna thank Shaun and his cell group for coming down to see me on my first day of work!
And Mangling, Yulin & Tuanhung for today's superb dinner. Superb cos I didn't even finish half, yet I'm still not hungry. (Y) that place is awesome. Let's go again! :D
I had to rush back to work since I only had a half hour break.
I am lucky to have friends like you guys, being so understanding

I keep leaving stuff behind at work. I left my HP7 at nEbO, and my cardi today (yesterday) at Cotton On.
I made friends, Yvette? and Hasween.
Hasween's awesome. She's gonna look after my cardi for me. hehe.
Work's been uneventful.
It's tiring though, although today's lethargy is probably due to the fact that I was at Citysq by 1pm thanks to Arielle. :/
Then I got a text that told me to report for work at 3.30 instead of 2.30. (Y)
So, I walked around Citysq. And spent $$ :(
Oh well.

I am tired. But my dear IVP isn't gonna do itself.
So, goodnight to you readers,